Thoughts on the Sea

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We humans have always been mesmerised by the sea. Of course, I’m no exception. Every time I visit the beach or the coast, I can’t help but take as many pictures of the view as I can. I can’t help but stare in wonder as the Sun sets below the shimmering waves. Just the thought of setting sail on the morning tide makes me feel dreamy.

By our nature, we were made for land. Our bodies are just so slow and cumbersome in the water compared to, say, a graceful dolphin. The way the water just curves above their smooth skin and how their fins cuts through the water is simply beautiful. They were made for the sea. But us, we are forced to stay in the shallows, gazing out to the open water, wondering what that other realm looked like. Many tales were told of sea monsters and mermaids and sailors who sailed too far & simply fell of the edge of the Earth.

Still, this didn’t stop our curiosity. We built rafts, then boats and ships, to set sail and explore the uncharted waters of the world. This led to what some people call the golden age of exploration, spanning the 17 to the 1900’s. The age of colonisation. Conquerors and explorers ruled the waters those days. Just compare a map of the Earth from the 1700’s to a map from today; you’ll see how far we’ve come in just 300 years.

Sails were soon replaced by propellers, and ships grew bigger and bigger. Luxury ocean liners are still used today. Of course, none of the modern ones would have the grandeur of the Titanic. With a gymnasium, theater and countless lounges, the ‘unsinkable’ ship weighed more than a hotel, yet was buoyant enough to float on the water. Alas, it was lost due to an iceberg.

Of course, following ships were submersibles, allowing us to traverse the great depths of the ocean. Yet we have only explored less than 5% of the sea. Who knows what lives out there in the remaining 95%. Perhaps all those stories of mermaids and sea monsters are more than just a myth. The fact that we know more about our solar system than we know about our own oceans right here on Earth always fascinates me. This just shows how limited our understanding of the world around us is, and yet we still have this wonderful thirst for knowledge.

We’ve since mastered the oceans. But there still is much more to discover. And still I long to set sail from Port Blue on Marlin Isle to the open sea, and disappear beneath the waves.