Dream Journal: Albatross

I fell asleep.

“Wake up! Wake up!” my teacher scolded. Groggily, I lifted my head from the desk. I looked around the class. Everyone was busy.
This was it. The last day of school.

The day to say goodbye to everyone I knew: friends, enemies, strangers. I was changing school after all. Goodbye, guys.

The last day of school. Hmm, I remember that day. It was so long ago yet it felt as if it were yesterday. Drowsiness suddenly overcame me.

New year. New place. “Hello!” said a tall-ish lad. “So you’re the new kid, eh? You’ll love being part of our crew, aboard the Albatross! I’m Everett, Captain Eric’s first mate” Ah, the Albatross…. the grandest airship to ever fly the seven skies. A few moments later, the captain showed me around the ship. It was a beautiful thing.

We were off. “Up ship!” cried the captain, the ballasts were dropped and we took off. Looking out of my cabin window, I saw colourful effervescent clouds sweep past the propellers surrounded by gigantic four-winged birds. I could see paper airplanes and notebooks zooming past. Am I asleep? Where am I? Why am I in an airship? I thought I was in school. Oh well, might as well enjoy it here. A sudden jolt through my body made me jump before suddenly, I was falling. Falling, somehow through the floors and cabins. Another jolt brought me to a stop at the control car. Everett glanced at me and smiled. “Oh, fancy you coming here! We could use a bit of help actually.”

So there I was, aboard the Albatross: the finest cruise ship to sail the sea. For a moment there I thought I was on an airship. Silly me. Airships don’t fly anymore.

Waves rocked the boat, sloshing back and forth. It was a particularly frigid morning; mist and fog covered the horizon. Quiet.

Suddenly, it happened. Something burst through the window of the boat, smashing it to pieces. The ship flipped, water burst into the hull. We were sinking. I fell out of the boat into the freezing, murky water. The thing that attacked our boat turned to me. It plunged directly at me, knocking out all the oxygen in my lungs.

I drowned. I died.

I sighed as the last pond skater zipped away. Looking around, I realized I was fully submerged and yet I could still breathe. Astonishing. Another wave of drowsiness hit my body and I floated above the infinite pond into inky blackness. One by one, tiny sparks appeared around me before zipping away in a multitude of colour. The darkness lit up, transforming into a cloud before bursting into a painting. The colours and patterns transformed into words that filled an entire page.

I flipped the page of my textbook. This was the last time I could read it as it had to be returned soon. The hours flew by. The last minute of school. I bid farewell to all my friends for the last time. The bell rang. The ringing grew louder and louder until-

I woke up.


Dream Journal: Midnight Saltwater Cavern

I drifted to sleep. I stood at the table in the dining hall next to the door. It was a fairly large room, enough to fit a small elephant in, I thought. I looked around and saw people. Too much people, I thought. So I immediately ran out the door.

I was asleep, but I felt tired. In my dreams, my eyelids could hardly stay apart and my body felt like passing out all at once. But I just couldn’t bring myself to lie down on the wet asphalt of the street. Drowsiness flooded my mind.The streetlights flickered. I looked at my watch: 11.42 pm. I staggered to a telephone booth and started dialling a random string of numbers: 0122872001. 4242424242. She answered, “No, goodbye.” I sighed. Girls will be girls, I thought. I half expected the phone booth to dematerialize like in a sci-fi tv show, but no, it just flew away into the street.

Look at watch: 7.56 am. Should be morning. two seconds later, I glance at my watch again: 1 pm. The sun shone brightly above the atmosphere but the sky was still pitch black. I felt hot and cold at the same time, tired and awake simultaneously. It was nauseating.

I suddenly realised I was lost. Where was I going? Memory seems to hate me. I just kept on walking until I found an old curiosity shop at the end of the road just outside the city. I shrugged, why not? So I entered. It was chock full of antiques, crafts and used machinery. The music that played was a mixture of Port Blue, Unwed Sailor and something from the 19th century. Why would a curiosity shop have engine parts? I said to myself, perhaps out loud. An old man behind the counter stood up and gave me a small wooden toy car, consider it as a gift from an old friend, he said. I asked him, what time is it? Is it morning? Yes, no. he answered. Confused. Who was I talking to? There was certainly nobody behind the counter.

The shop felt damp. I looked around a bit at the stuff cramped into the shop: a TARDIS, a Malay romance novel that would surely be adapted into a tv drama sometime soon, a helmet, a wooden paper airplane, a small car, a humongous wheel, an hourglass that was nearly running out and an astronaut suit. Strange, I thought. Water began dripping from the ceiling as the floor began to shrink. Suddenly, a window burst open and seawater flooded the place. The water level was rising quickly so I had to move fast before I drowned. The astronaut suit, my mind screamed. Somehow, I put it on fast enough and somehow, it worked. The room shrank to an incredibly small point before exploding in a brief flash of blue and green.

I opened my eyes to see I was in a large underwater cave with a small opening at the very top. Sun rays danced brilliantly in the crystal-clear saltwater around me. I realised that I had a small wooden toy car in my hand. How did that get there? Moments before started to erode from my memory as if I didn’t remember what I did before. Details I missed started to disappear from existence. I climbed up the opening which had conveniently became wider. I stood up at the top of the cave and looked out to see galaxies dancing around me. My watch showed the time: 1.05 pm. Either it had died earlier or time passed by incredibly fast.

As usual, a wave of drowsiness hit me as my surroundings dissolved into nothing. Momentarily, I was floating around in an endless sea; alone.


Then I woke up.