Doodles: Aerial Machines

Aerial machines

Once upon a time, I got bored so I drew a few flying things.

From up > down, left row:

1. A large orange cruise skyship, used for flying long distances over long periods of time. Average passenger number.

2. A small red delivery skyship, commonly used to deliver a small amount of supplies or equipment across short distances, usually islands. Can also be used as a 2-3 passenger leisure vehicle (think; hot air balloon).

3. A small blue nimble flyer, used as sport. Can fly at high speeds, fastest at 80-90 miles per hour. Carries 1 or 2 passengers only. Compare to a jet ski or speedboat.

Middle row:

4. I have no idea what this thing is, probably a glider and/or ornithopter thing.

5. A red-tinted airship, one of the most commonly used ones. Can be used for various purposes ranging from sport & leisure to emergencies & delivery. 15-25 passengers.

6.A small, lightweight, one-man hovercraft; used for exploration and mining in places where no other airships can go due to their size and relative bulkiness.

Right row:

7. A large green skyship, comparable to the pirate and biologist ships of the 19th century. Used for deliveries, transporting people, exploration and occasionally warfare.

8. The largest and grandest of them all, a floating city. Supported by one large gas balloon divided into 50 smaller gas cells and 100 other smaller balloons around the city. Used as a portable mining base that can be transported by a system of fans and rudders powered primarily by captured solar energy. Maximum population: 12000 people.


Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn’t want to live there

Somewhere far away from reality and the nightmares that haunt us all is a lovely place. A small island covered in white satin sand, beautiful forests and a city ablaze with wondrous things. It is bordered by an Umbrella Beach to the north and Port Blue to the south. In the city all your wildest dreams can come true. If you go there you will see ten million fireflies light up the world around while people with rainbow veins walk around the metropolis. You can visit Umbrella Beach that is so dusty with starlight, to learn about how I became the sea before taking a dip in the saltwater room with your darling. Or, if you like, you can take a hot air balloon to see the strawberry avalanches; and if you can wade through the air traffic, you could go sky sailing to be captains of the sky. You can see sights so beautiful, they rival the real world, like Dubai, Seattle, Vienna, Brielle or Miami beach. If you want to, just ask me and I’ll take you along, to Owl City.