We stare at the starways as they flicker out,
When our hope succumbs to life’s bitter fist,
We pray for bluer skies and whiter clouds,
And take a leap of faith across the abyss.

The predators and scavengers may call us cowards,
They’d laugh and leer at our fear of the unknown,
Because though we dream of lands of distant shores,
We’ve never strayed too far from our home.

So you gaze at the peaks that lie ahead,
And hills blanketed with fields of grass and rye,
As you watch a spark of hope take flight,
Painting colours across a sullen sky.

When our searching ends and we drop anchor,
You’d look back at the foreign lands we’d been,
Before eyeing over the azure horizon,
To those brighter worlds we’ve never seen.

And so our stories lived on through a thousand lives,
Be it by quill and ink or yarn and tale,
The future awaits in those new atmospheres,
Of journeys that time will one day avail.

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