Grief is…

Grief is something quiet.

Something as silent as death who had robbed me of a friend, and thousands before.

People tend to think grief is something loud.
Probably, like sobbing, crying or even screaming, demanding answers as to why their loved ones had to go. Mourning for the rest of their lives for the dearly departed.

But the truth is, grief takes you by surprise. You’ll never see it coming, even when you know that particular special someone could potentially die within hours, minutes, or maybe even seconds. We  always forget that we will die too. It seems like an alien, morbid concept, but death is fundamentally what keeps us going on. It keeps us striving for life. Whether that is good or bad is up to you.

Grief is tiring.

It is like something you know that won’t last, and yet you are not ready to let go. In fact, you probably won’t be ready to ever let go. It wears your soul away as time keeps moving on, like a rock being eroded by the sea.

I feel as though I’ve been hit.
By a depressing inspirational rock.

This grief comes and goes like a freight train, fast, headstrong, and painful. It leaves you empty, as if you have been hollowed out.

We have always defined grief as the fine line between denial and acceptance. It is that cold yet burning feeling of sadness, when you realize it’s all over but you don’t want to let go.

It’s okay to feel grief, it is a human emotion. Even elephants and dolphins feel grief, even they mourn for their loved ones. Despite this, we should not let grief eat ourselves for the rest of our lives. We should let grief come and go; like the freight train that it is. But that empty hole in our heart can’t be left hollow. We must move on, fill it up with something new. Acceptance and learning from past mistakes.

True, we shouldn’t forget those departed loved ones that shaped the person we are but we shouldn’t let their absence drive us down. Instead, grief reminds us that our time is limited. The bleak reality is that we all will, one day, die. Everyone will vanish, dissappear back to the Earth that we were born on. Nobody really knows when exactly their time will be up, so make good of life while you can. Personally, I’m not really afraid of death; the main fear is that I won’t be able to live long enough to make a difference. So do good while you still can, and learn from the mistakes of others before you. “We all suffer but we recover just to discover life where we all are.”

Grief might feel as if it his holding us down, but it’s what drives us on.

This post is based on a thing written by a friend [], regarding our classmate and dear friend who passed away recently. I pray that he is in peace, and in a better place.

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