From the city, you could see the swathes of mountains and hills rising above the horizon. Driving on the roads towards them, they would appear to grow in size as you approached them.

After a while, the crammed highways would give way to narrow roads that climbed steeper and steeper. Once at the base of the highlands, the roads would begin to spiral around the hills and dip between the valleys. The air would begin to cool as you gained altitude.

The low, uniform landscape transforms into high peaks and rolling hills of plants, painting the backdrop a lively green. The smooth roads dissappear and are replaced by bumpy pathways with potholes and puddles. The lush evergreens that grew in the lowland forests below are not as common up here, and they are taken over by the mosses, ferns, and conifers which were suited to the cold. Your ears might pop as the pressure decreases and the air thins.

The cloud forests were filled with towering ferns and conifers which themselves were covered in moss and lichens, absorbing the moist atmosphere like a giant sponge, and pumping out precious oxygen in the process. The air is cool, humid and thin. Once in a while a cumulus cloud would descend onto the highlands, blanketing them in thick fog and causing the temperature to drop rapidly.

If you would continue ascending, the sound of crickets and birdsong would fill the breezy air. If you listened closely, you might hear the sound of the trees, grass, and rivers, as well as the occasional panther, which all blend into the ambient music of nature itself.

Suddenly, the forest would end in an abrupt line. A few metres away, the plantations of tea and strawberries begin, growing on for acres of hills and fields. From the top, it would look like a vivid green chequered quilt that stretched on from horizon to horizon.

Climbing to the highest peak, you’d find an observation tower. If you were to climb up its rusty railings to the top, you would behold a sight so pure. A majestic view dotted by forests, rivers, cities and roads. You could look all the way towards the horizon and pick out the sailboats and liners upon the sea; the fine line where the green and mahogany plant life meets the azure ocean and atmosphere. The chilling breeze sweeps across your face, frosting up whatever there is to freeze.

Here you’d feel as if you were on top of the world.

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