Those Moments..

Those moments when you feel alone, but happy to be alone with your thoughts. When there are people all around, while you are just there in the background, pondering.

Those moments when you think about life, the Universe and everything. When you wish you could see it all, but you are bounded. When you realise you are nothing but a speck on a small rock floating through the endless void. When you briefly understand what life is about, but the thought is blown away like a leaf in the autumn breeze.

Those moments when you are remembering your childhood, when you had no worries. The times when you were content with what you had, giggling your worries away. The years gone by that still live on in photographs—windows to the past and the person you once were.

Those moments when you don’t know where you are going, or where life is taking you. Whenever you feel alone, on the outside. You feel cold, dark and deep. You need a hand to pull you out of the depths.

Sometimes, we all have these moments.

But, of course, the colours change. The hand you oh-so-needed comes along, a warm heart thaws you out, or a smile brightens your day. Then, you realise that there ARE people out there who care for you.

There are those moments when you see a clear path ahead, and brave yourself to take it. When you are confident that, although you are still only in the shallows, you can make it across the oceans.

Those moments when you are—truly—happy.

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