It was cold. Oh icy hell, it was cold. The wind bit at my face, howling angrily across the Arctic. Ice crystals bombarded me as the storm blew on. I trudged on aimlessly as my feet sank into the snow, as if being grasped by an enormously powerful wintery creature.

I was sure that I would soon be dead. I nearly cried when I thought about my life up to this moment. They say being dumped during a date is the worst thing in life. Wrong. What’s worse is being dumped in the frozen arctic with only a compass, thermometer and torchlight to stay alive. I searched around for shelter from the blizzard. The soft snow began to feel hard, encasing my feet in a layer of crystals, making my every step feel painfully heavy.  Even though I was covered in layers of coats and jackets, I felt exposed to the howling wind.

A sudden blast of snow blew me over & I rolled backwards a few metres. The wind picked up & the temperature dropped. The compass & thermometer attached to my gloves were the only indicator of the surroundings although he mercury in the thermometer had frozen solid. Somehow, I instinctively followed the compasses needle that led to the North. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I wailed & bawled, my tears instantly solidifying upon contact to the arctic air. Why? Why did this happen to me?!, I screamed, using up all the breath left in my weakened body. My cries transformed into hollow laughter. I suddenly felt ridiculously happy, as if all my cares melted away into the summer sky. All the thoughts crammed up my dying mind -stemming from her, no less- shattered into a billion icicles. My mantra of madness was lost in the wind, never to be heard by any soul. Perhaps the cold had taken its toll on my brain. Perhaps this was the end.

A glimmer of hope came in the form of an icy blast which uncovered a small cave about 20 metres away from me. So close, yet so far. I struggled to reach it. I collapsed on my knees & all my breath was knocked out. Too exhausted to stand up, I was forced to crawl to the shelter. I won’t make it. I couldn’t move anymore. My limp body flopped onto the ice as snow began to pile up on top of it, pushing me down even harder. 5 metres in front of me was the small cave. Although it was barely enough for a polar bear, anything felt like a haven to me now. I’m going to die. The sound of the wind became mute & all sensation of coldness left my numb skin. Through the sheets of ice & snow, I saw my life projected like a slideshow onto the sky. Every frame of it flickered in front of me. I remembered my first flight. Without knowing, I had forced my self forward a bit. An echo from an old film.“You never can tell when you might need a friend.”

I reached the cave. The little warmth from inside managed to get me back up on my feet. I cried, unsure whether out of joy of being alive, or sadness of my imminent death.

The entire place collapsed. Torrents of snow and ice fell in an avalanche of white. I fell unconscious when a block of ice hit me.


This Isn’t The End


This Isn’t The End

By Jason Costabile

Based on “This Isn’t The End” by Owl City

When she was eight years old, Emily’s father disappeared.  She waited up all night for him to return, but he never showed.  They had once been best buds, she and her dad.  He was a good guy who everyone liked.  She remembered every autumn, when they would go apple picking, and he would hold her in his arms up high so she could reach the golden orbs of fruit from the trees.  She remembered how once when she was six, her dad had taken her go carting, and she sat in his lap and felt the wind rush past her face.  She would giggle and squeal with delight as her father, her hero and role model, shared in adventures with her.  She loved her father dearly.

But, Emily’s time with her father was short…

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