Happy New Year!

The clocks struck 12, the fireworks illuminated the midnight sky and the earth completed its orbit around the sun once more. It’s the first day of 2015. For some of us, 2014 may have just been another year in our lives, for others it was an important and turbulent one. Indeed, a lot of things happened in the past year. The World Cup, Winter Olympics, politicians rose and fell as economies changed. 2014 was also a big year for movies, books, music and media.

And then we come to the more.. negative stuff.

Wars were fought; many people died in the Middle East, violence became an issue, terrorist attacks; extremists and militants mostly (I’ll talk about these in another post later), shootings and crimes increased…. And the tragedies, my god, the tragedies. An Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, intense floods right here in Malaysia, the sinking of a ferry carrying hundreds of high school students and an alarmingly high number of aircraft accidents. Seriously, MH370, MH17, AH5017, QZ8501 etc. (I don’t want to jump to conclusions; I bet you there are hundreds of conspiracy theorists smashing their keyboards on internet forums about the many aircraft incidents).

But let’s not focus on just the bad things. Sure, 2014 may have been horrible for many (and frankly, 2015 may not be any better; this year just began and already 36 people have been killed in a New Year’s party in Shanghai) but let’s try to make 2015 a memorable year. Not for tragedies and wars, but achievements and peace. 2014 should be a lesson for all of us; as they say, learn from our mistakes. Let’s strive for a better world.

Happy new year, everybody.

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