Dream Journal: Midnight Saltwater Cavern

I drifted to sleep. I stood at the table in the dining hall next to the door. It was a fairly large room, enough to fit a small elephant in, I thought. I looked around and saw people. Too much people, I thought. So I immediately ran out the door.

I was asleep, but I felt tired. In my dreams, my eyelids could hardly stay apart and my body felt like passing out all at once. But I just couldn’t bring myself to lie down on the wet asphalt of the street. Drowsiness flooded my mind.The streetlights flickered. I looked at my watch: 11.42 pm. I staggered to a telephone booth and started dialling a random string of numbers: 0122872001. 4242424242. She answered, “No, goodbye.” I sighed. Girls will be girls, I thought. I half expected the phone booth to dematerialize like in a sci-fi tv show, but no, it just flew away into the street.

Look at watch: 7.56 am. Should be morning. two seconds later, I glance at my watch again: 1 pm. The sun shone brightly above the atmosphere but the sky was still pitch black. I felt hot and cold at the same time, tired and awake simultaneously. It was nauseating.

I suddenly realised I was lost. Where was I going? Memory seems to hate me. I just kept on walking until I found an old curiosity shop at the end of the road just outside the city. I shrugged, why not? So I entered. It was chock full of antiques, crafts and used machinery. The music that played was a mixture of Port Blue, Unwed Sailor and something from the 19th century. Why would a curiosity shop have engine parts? I said to myself, perhaps out loud. An old man behind the counter stood up and gave me a small wooden toy car, consider it as a gift from an old friend, he said. I asked him, what time is it? Is it morning? Yes, no. he answered. Confused. Who was I talking to? There was certainly nobody behind the counter.

The shop felt damp. I looked around a bit at the stuff cramped into the shop: a TARDIS, a Malay romance novel that would surely be adapted into a tv drama sometime soon, a helmet, a wooden paper airplane, a small car, a humongous wheel, an hourglass that was nearly running out and an astronaut suit. Strange, I thought. Water began dripping from the ceiling as the floor began to shrink. Suddenly, a window burst open and seawater flooded the place. The water level was rising quickly so I had to move fast before I drowned. The astronaut suit, my mind screamed. Somehow, I put it on fast enough and somehow, it worked. The room shrank to an incredibly small point before exploding in a brief flash of blue and green.

I opened my eyes to see I was in a large underwater cave with a small opening at the very top. Sun rays danced brilliantly in the crystal-clear saltwater around me. I realised that I had a small wooden toy car in my hand. How did that get there? Moments before started to erode from my memory as if I didn’t remember what I did before. Details I missed started to disappear from existence. I climbed up the opening which had conveniently became wider. I stood up at the top of the cave and looked out to see galaxies dancing around me. My watch showed the time: 1.05 pm. Either it had died earlier or time passed by incredibly fast.

As usual, a wave of drowsiness hit me as my surroundings dissolved into nothing. Momentarily, I was floating around in an endless sea; alone.


Then I woke up.

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